2017 an average year for Tulu Films: Best Tulu Films of Year 2017

2017 an average year for Tulu Films

2017 an average year for Tulu Films: Best Tulu Films of Year 2017

We are now in the end of December, a countable Tulu films were released this year and results are average.

Year 2017 began with a tragedy Sandeep Paniyoor’s directional “Guddeda Bootha”. This film had no stands over quality films, film made a run of two weeks with a very low collection.

Next release was a “Madipu” a winner! Even though film screened for two weeks in cinemas, film grabs attention in the National level and won both National Award and State Award. Even now film continues screening in several film festivals. Director Chetan Mundari’s effort and M. K. Matta, Seetha Kote and other realistic acting skills made film stand in quality and also made us all Tuluva’s proud by winning Awards.

Next one is a “Chapter”, a biggest disaster in terms of collection in the Industry and seems film made in around 60lakh budget but gained nothing in a one week show! Mohan Bhatkal directorial film starred Aastik Shetty and Aishwarya Rao.

As a sea wave there is ups and downs next release “Yesa” gets a proper Tulu audience and film ran about 50 days in cinemas with genuine audience. Even though film irritates audience with old style comedy concept, presented in good quality all credits goes to director of Jayanth MN. Rahul and Radhika Rao were in lead role.

Next to come is “Arjun Weds Amruta“, first attempt to showcase a love based plot for Tulu audience where comedy based films stand. There is no doubt film had a good quality, but film got an average response from the audience; film was directed by Raghu Shetty who had a huge experience in media, expecting much better from him in upcoming films.

Arrey Marler” is the next release, Telikeda Bolli Devdas Kapikad’s third film, as drama series film also hold same old concept and comedy sequences, but film were able to get audience attention and recently finished 100 days with a single screen in Multiplex. It’s a “Time for Change” for Kapikad’s Team and expecting something new in upcoming films.

Pattanaje” is a great film with a limited comedy and strong plot. Film is directed by Thonse Vijaykumar Shetty. Film was captured beautifully but again due to less comedy content film checked out after few weeks from the screen, but still continues some special show in Mumbai and other parts of India.

Next release is “Nemoda Boolya”, a classy plot which goes to wrong hands it will be mess, “Nemoda Boolya” is one among, somewhere you feel this film might have presented in better way! director B. K. Gangadhar Kirodian directed this film which is based on real events.

Rang Rangda Dibbana” is a another failed attempts of the year, Tulu film which is made three year back and shown in present year never be liked, film has great quality songs but none of them showcased properly to audience. This is like “We Make, We Watch” If this film used their song as attraction element to audience might be given some average collection to the Makers.

Final in list is “Ambar Caterers”, when it comes to the big budget film is missing WOW factor, we can say this film is Musical Hit! There is no doubt film was made in good rich quality but plot failed here with same old dramatic comedy content. Jaiprasad Bajal directorial film is still running in cinemas and might reach more people.

Overall 2017 is an average year for Tulu Film Industry. When it comes to number of releases, in year 2016 thirteen films were released and this year it’s cut down to ten! Many films which are completed are still in half mood to release, we hope upcoming year works well and we get to see some good quality films!

Our pick of the year will be “Pattanaje” and “Madipu” when it comes to the story and making, when nothing is there “Arrey Marler” for the comedy and entertainment!

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