5 Promising Tulu Cinema Actors/Actresses who debuted in 2017

5 Promising Tulu CinemaPromising Tulu Actors/Actresses of the year

Year 2017, there were Ten Tulu films that released this year and only few of them made the most in Box office. As an earlier year this year also Coastalwood have seen many new faces, here is a list of our picked five actor/ actresses who did their best debut in this year.


1. Radhika Rao as Thanu in “Yesa”.

Radhika Rao as Thanu in “Yesa”2017’s one of the hit film Yesa, in a innocent village girl character Radhika stunned screen by her looks and acting skills. Radhika now leading in a television serial “Mangluru Hudgi Hubli Hudga”, which has completed 400 plus episodes, Radhika also signed for the sandalwood film which she will been seen playing the lead!



2. Aaradya Shetty as Amruta in “Arjun weds Amruta”.

Aaradya Shetty as Amruta in “Arjun weds Amruta”.“Titled Role” is one of the most responsible role in any film, since entire audience focuses on it, this responsibility is perfectly managed by another female debut to Industry by Aaradya Shetty. Tulu film as a base she already stepped in to sandalwood with the film “Nishabda 2” and also apart from new signed movie many other projects on process.



3. Pratik Shetty as Vicky in “Pattanaje”.

Prathik Shetty as Vicky in “Pattanaje”.We have chosen another talented actor who debuted in film “Pattanaje”, in the film he played a negative lead role of modern rich spoiled brat, who lives on his own terms. This stimulating role has presented tremendously by Pratik. He has already played a role in upcoming Tulu film “Pettkammi” and “Appe Teacher”. With bunch of films in hand he will be an acting package to see in upcoming years!


4. Raashi Balakrishna (Nishmitha B) as Sakshi in “Arrey Marler”.

Raashi Balakrishna (Nishmitha B) as Sakshi in “Arrey Marler”.Raashi Balakrishna AKA Nishmitha, who made her glamour’s debut in the film “Arrey Marler”, with limited part she managed to draw attention of audience with her stunning looks and acting, at presently she is doing a Sandalwood film named “Radhawa” as a lead and also many other on hold.



5. Sardar (Neenasam) Sathya as “Neelayya” in Madipu.

Sardar (Neenasam) Sathya as “Neelayya” in Madipu.When there is art film there is nothing to beat the acting skills of the film, an award winner film “Madipu” creates a role for a drama artist Sardar Sathya (Neenasam Sathya) which has been played perfectly by him! His role in the film is a Kurumbila’s (M K Mutt)‘s son of Neelayya who have a wish to perform Daivaradhane but his father object for a reason.



Wishing all these new faces best wishes for upcoming ventures, there are few others performance marked in this year like Saurabh Bhandary in “Ambar Caterers” and Soorya Rao in “Pattanaje”.

Overall year 2017 has been a good one, when it comes to new talent dig! Almost all who performed well in coastalwood got an opportunity to showcase themselves front of large audience. We also look forward to see these talents more and more in upcoming Tulu films.

How about our choice of this year? Do comment and share your opinion.

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