5 Reasons you should watch ‘Ammer Polisa’

5 Reasons you should watch ‘Ammer Polisa’K Sooraj Shetty directorial film ‘Ammer Polisa’ will be releasing this week, there is a huge hypes around the district about this film for its start cast, teaser and directional part. Film is produced by Rajesh B Shetty under Saanvi Cine Creations and Lakumi Cine Creations in association with Hangover Production.

Let’s check out top five reasons why you should watch ‘Ammer Polisa’ this weekend!


1. A Sooraj Shetty film.

Director’s role in any film is very important, when it comes to the Tulu films you can find the best among all is K Sooraj Shetty. His directional movies like “Ekka Saka” and “Pilibail Yamunakka” were the super hits, by looking at his present popularity there are no doubt Sooraj makes hat-trick with ‘Ammer Polisa’.

2. Roopesh Shetty.

After Arjun Kapikad, if any actor who has huge fan follower in Tulu Industry is Roopesh Shetty, Roopesh has gained fan follower from his first short tale film to his last hit film of Sandalwood “Nishabda”, his hand in ‘Ammer Polisa’ will add double benefit for the film ‘Ammer Polisa”.

3. “Savuda” teaser (deadly teaser).

In present trend negative publicity will reach audience quicker than the Positive, that’s where TROLL pages are getting famous day by day. Looks like Sooraj used the same concept for ‘Ammer Polisa’ teaser. Eventually there is suspense, comedy, laugh and sadness in a just two minute teaser, also you can say there is nothing it’s “Savuda” teaser! But both views will help Sooraj and team! Teaser were already crossed 50k views in YouTube!

4. Music.

As we all know that ‘Ammer Polisa’ doesn’t have a duet songs in his album but one song which buzzed fans is “Naramaniyana Bene”. music was composed by Sandeep R Ballal and written by Arjun Lewis. Another promotional title song of the film also made audience bliss with its witty lyrics.

5. Top Comedians.

Keeping a right comedian is a challenge for the director and there are huge fan followers for each comedians in Tulu film industry. Film ‘Ammer Polisa’ has the same list of comedians which you were seen in Sooraj Shetty’s past films except Bhojaraj Vamanjoor. But there is no doubt Comedians like Aravind Bolar, Sathish Bandale, Sandeep Shetty, Prasanna Shetty and Vismaya Vinayak will make you ROLF.

As all know we Tuluvas doesn’t need a reasons to watch Tulu films, let’s all of us stand and support Tulu films and help the Tulu film Industry to grow.

Do write us and comment if any other reason you are awaiting to watch ‘Ammer Polisa’ 🙂

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Checkout top five reasons you should watch ‘Ammer Polisa’ this weekend! 5 Reasons you should watch ‘Ammer Polisa’