Cinemas on road, “Halli Halligu Bolli Parade” Travelling Theater launched to showcase Tulu films!

Halli Halligu Bolli Parade“Halli Halligu Bolli Parade” (Silver Screen to all villages), Karnataka State Tulu Sahitya Academy with help of Tulu Film Producers launched and Travel Theater to showcase Tulu films on non-reachable villages around district.

It’s a first and the great initiatives to promulgate Tulu language films around all Tulu speaking villages.

As a part of this program first Travel Theater will halt at Padma Complex, B C Road for a weeks’ time. The locals here can watch their favorite Tulu films in this Travel Theater.

In this screen 100 people can enjoy the films under 40 ft. roof. “Tulu people who is staying rural areas can enjoy their favorite films without travelling to city which saves their cost and time” says A C Bhandari president of Tulu Sahitya Acadamy.

Keshav Suvarna is a Master Mind of this initiative who has experience of screening more than 150 films in schools and he has also done some major changes in technology in this Travel Theater.

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