Coastalwood and K Sooraj Shetty verses Mayur R Shetty ?

Coastalwood and K Sooraj Shetty verses Mayur R Shetty ?Coastalwood star director K Sooraj Shetty and Mayur R Shetty seems having a tough competition with each other, director Sooraj Shetty announced 29th September as shooting begin date and Mayur’s “My Name is Annappa”s shooting begins from very next week of “Ammer Polisa” on 6th October 2017.

Couple of months back, Manju Rai showcased in K Sooraj Shetty’s Tulu cinema English’s poster later Mayur R Shetty also announced Manju as lead in poster, which made actor Manju Rai get confused to choose film!

However K Sooraj Shetty postponed his crowd funding film “English” and announced his another project “Ammer Polisa” which is led by RJ Roopesh. Wherein Mayur R Shetty’s debut film My Name Is Annappa led by Manju Rai and Shubha Shetty.

It’s curious to know how Tulu comedy stars like Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor and Aravind Bolar adjust dates if they get selected for both films.  Actor Naveen D Padil, Aravind Bolar, Umesh mijar, Sai Krishna, Gopinath Bhat, Chethan Rai Mani, Shraddha Salian and others already inn for “My Name Is Annappa”.

Director Mayur R Shetty earlier worked under K Sooraj Shetty’s “Pilibail Yamunakka” as asst. director also worked in Sooraj’s debut film “Ekka Saka”. Sooraj seems to be unhappy for some reason with Mayur after the announcement of his debut film “My Name is Annappa”.

Healthy competition is good for the industry, both films look like quality film. To view these films you have to wait till mid or end of year 2018, there is no doubt these films will release at the same time!

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Coastalwood and K Sooraj Shetty verses Mayur R Shetty ?

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