Kishore Moodbidri and his long term dream to become a director.

Kishore Moodbidri and his long term dream to become a director.Chaali Polilu, Tulu movie that had set record in the industry by successfully running more than 500 days. This wouldn’t be fruitful without the hard work given by the crew behind it. One such man who is involved in this success is the associate director Kishore Moodbidri.

Lot of individuals are involved in making a single film. One of the important coworkers to the film’s director is his associate director. He is the one who works meticulously with the director. Kishore who had got into the industry six years ago has been working as an associate director in Tulu, Kannada and Konkani industries which includes films and series.

Kishore has worked in Tulu films Chalipolilu, Dhand, Chandikori, Madipu, Dhabak Dhaba Aisa and Barsa. Konkani films Ashem zalem kashem and Yek Asler Yek Na and upcoming Tulu film Rang Rang Da Dibbana. He has also worked as Associate Director for the serials named, Panjarada Gili, Olavina asare, Mane Devru, E Bhandana, Anuraga.

He says “I have built my all these experiences and made my long-term dream of directing Kannada cinema, The story, screenplay and dialogue are ready and looking for producers who are interested to invest in his projects”.


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