Pratik Shetty, Stylish Mumbaiker in the town

Tulu Film Industry is known for introducing skilled artists. Some artists here are meant to rise and rise in the Industry. One amongst those artists is the new face from Mumbai Pratik Shetty making news in the Industry with his brilliant acting skills.

Pratik Shetty, Stylish Mumbaiker in the townPratik was introduced by Mr. Vijaykumar Kodialbail into the Industry and was offered the film “Pattanaje” by Mr. Thonse Vijaykumar Shetty which was released in the year 2017. You will never know your destiny, so this gentleman was supposed to be a part of the production team ended by being the Villain of the film.

Though Pratik has been born in bought up in Mumbai, he has never been disconnected by Mangalorean culture. He was into curriculums that included volleyball, dancing drama. Pursuing Post Graduation in Marketing in the year 2015, Pratik had no clue that he will be known to the industry shortly.

This is what Pratik has to say about how he gulped the interest towards acting, “I never took acting as a professional carrier it was just a mere hobby of mine. Though I started acting at an early age of 13 I used to do several dramas and shows and it continued with time. More than a hobby it was an act of getaway”.

He also says about his support and motivation, “My mother was a huge admirer of Amitabh Bachchan, and I grew up watching his films and always wished for an aura and mainly voice like his.
My mother introduced me to films and never stopped me from watching films, she used to share all the knowledge about the actors and that’s how I gained my Interest in acting”.

He also includes, “People’s response used to be overwhelming when they saw me act or perform. I have also worked as an Emcee and done around 100 shows by far and all this lead me more towards acting”.

“Slowly I started getting work and did more and more starting from short films to Channel V, Bindaas, Zee Tv, Utv, and Life Ok. I also worked as a voice over artist and I have dubbed around 25 films in Hindi & English”.

Not being satisfied having a job in a corporate company, Pratik quits his job uninformed to his parents, that created a little hustle and bustle and waiting for a year and so, he was offered “Pattanaje” as his first film from Tulu Industry.

Later “Pettkammi” being his second film to be released in this May. “Appe Teacher” his third film seems to be his dream project as he worked along people he watched in theaters and silver screens the big names of Tulu industry.

“Actress you would love to work with..”

Pratik: I have hardly got a chance to act opposite any actress as I always played more of negative shade. But I would love to act opposite Anvitha Sagar, Aaradhya Shetty and yes Karishma Amin.

“Best Friends Forever” in the Industry?

Pratik: In last one year I have got a chance to know each and every actor from the industry so it’s really difficult to choose one name. But I consider Anoop Sagar as my closest buddy from the industry as we get along pretty well and have been with each other through thick & thin and yes I have few special mentions Arjun kapikad and I kicked up pretty well during CPL 2018 and went on to become good friends. Prithvi Ambar and I am a big fan of his dancing. Vineeth and Anurag Bangera are the oldest friends as I did my first Tulu project with them.

Pratik Shetty has been chosen for Arjun Kapikad starring film “Yera Ullergey”, and some more projects to be finalized. We wish him all the best for future projects.

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