Tulu film Industry to reach another milestone: 100th film on way

Tulu film Industry to reach another milestone: 100th films on way

The Tulu film industry to reach a milestone with the next release, Sakshath Malpe directorial film ‘Karne’ will be the 100th Tulu film to release!

Enna Thangadi, the first Tulu feature film, was released in 1971; Rajashekar Kotian directional ‘Brahmashree Narayana Guru Swamy’ was a 50th film of Tulu language which was release on 2014.

In the period of four years (2014-2018) 50 films were released! That’s a great achievement of growing Tulu film Industry.

2014’s release ‘Chali Polilu’ Tulu film had record running days, film ran 500 days!  Other hit films ‘Pilibail Yamunakka’ also marker 150 days!

100th film ‘Karne’ starring Arjun Kapikad, Chirashree Anchan; films plot based on fisherman’s life. After the punching teaser, team also released songs over social media which got an outstanding response from the audience.

Rakshith S Kotian and Rakshith H Salian produced film ‘Karne’ to hit screen on 16th of November. Let’s all wish the best for 100th Tulu film.

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