Tulu films show list, fifth day of Tulu film festival 2018.

Tulu film festival 2018

Its day five of Tulu Film Festival! Today there will be eight films will be screening which will meet all your needs, checkout.


Screening today at Cinepolis, Mangalore.

1. Rang (10:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

2014’s massive hit “Rang” was presented perfectly by dual directors Suhan Prasad and Vismaya Vinayak. Bollywood actor Johny Lever made cameo in one of the song named “Premanathe..” which was become a huge hit, even the dialogues, songs also made entertained audience.

2. Nemoda Boolya (1:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

Last year’s release Nemoda Boolya was directed by B. K. Gangadhar Kirodian, films plot based on real events took place two hundred years ago. Film was released September 2017 but gets a poor response from the audience.

3. Pavithra (4:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

2016’s release “Pavithra” Is a family, comedy and sentiment based Tulu film, which has a social message. Film was produced by Anantharamarao Yerumal and directed by Nagavenkatesh.

4. Chaali Polilu (7:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

2014’s release “Chaali Polilu” Is a first film to have a highest day’s record run in Tulu Language! Film made a record run of 500 plus days in one of the theaters of Mangalore. Prakash Pandeshwar produced film was directed by Veerendra Shetty Kavoor.

Screening today at Don Bosco Hall, Mangalore.

1. Bollidhota (10:00 A.M at Don Bosco Hall. Mangalore).

1977’s “Bollidhota” was directed by Aarooru Pattabhi and produced by Dr. Sanjeeva Dhandekeri under Shree Jayaram Films banner. Actor Devdas Attavar, Sarojini Shetty and others were seen in the film.

2. Sathya Olundu (1:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

1993’s film “Sathya Olundu” was directed by Aarooru Pattabhi. Films plot based on Devdas Kapikad’s super hit drama “Bale Cha Parka”. Actor Sadashiva Salian, Aasha, Anand Bolar, Devadas Kapikad and others will be seen in the film.  “Thelikeda Bolli” Devdas Kapikad also had given Tunes for the film.

3. Maaribale (4:00 P.M at Don Bosco Hall. Mangalore).

Film “Maaribale” was released on the year 1998, Family drama based film directed by Krishnappa Uppur and produced by Kumbra Raghunath Rai under Annapurneshwari Films Banner.

4. Dever (7:00 P.M at Don Bosco Hall. Mangalore).

“Dever (2010) film was directed by Sudhakar Bannanje, film “Dever” is a Tulu film which came with DTH sound technology, film was produced by Vachan Shetty and V K Prakash in budget of 30 lakh.

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