Tulu films show list, second day of Tulu film festival 2018.

Tulu films show list, second day of Tulu film festival 2018.

We are stepped into a second day of first ever Tulu Film Festival which is organized by Tulu Chithra Nirmapakara Sangha (Tulu Film Producers Association).


These are the films will be shown today, few of them have won State and National Awards, Checkout!

At Cinepolis, Mangalore.

1. Brahmashree Narayana Guru Swami (10:00 A.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

As the title says, films plot of the based on life history of saint Shree Narayana Guru. Rajashekhar Kotian productive and directional film was released on year 2014, film also have won 2014-15’s state level award for best film under Social Concern section.

2Oriyan Thoonda Oriyagapuji (1:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

2015’s release “Oriyan Thoonda Oriyagapuji” was directed by H.S.Rajshekhar. Even though film was featured Arjun Kapikad film didn’t do well in box office.  Film was produced by Gangadhar Shetty and Ashok Kumar under Shree Mangala Ganesh Combines banner.

3. Panoda Bodcha (4:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

Year 2016’s release “Panoda Bodcha” was a remake of Malayalam film Balettan which is starred Mohanlal, Tulu version of the film is featured with Shivadwaj. Film was directed by Madhu Surathkal.

4. Rambarooti (7:00 P.M at Cinepolis. Mangalore).

Except the viral song “Enchi Savya…” rest everything went wrong in film “Rambarooti”. Film was directed by Prajwal Kumar Attavar, may be you get to see some good acting of VJ Vineeth and Shabarish Kabbinale on their debut.

At Don Bosco  Hall, Mangalore.

1. Bangar Patler (10:00 A.M at Don Bosco Hall. Mangalore).

“Bangar Patler” is 1993’s family drama entertainer which is produced and directed by Dr. Richard Castelino, and starring Vaman Raj and sandalwood actor Sudha Rani.

2. Gaggara (1:00 P.M at Don Bosco Hall. Mangalore).

Tulu film “Gaggara” is a folk ritual based art film directed by Shivadwaj and produced by Gurudatta M Durgananda. Film was awarded Rajat Kamal for the Best Tulu film in the best regional feature film in 56th National Award.

3. Rikshaw Driver (4:00 P.M at Don Bosco Hall. Mangalore).

Praveen Kumar Konchadi’s productive film “Rikshaw Driver” was released on 2013; film was directed by H.S. Rajashekar, Actor Karthik Attavar and Neha Saxena in leading role. Film had won state level award of Best Regional Film award of year 2015.

4. Kanchilda Baale (7:00 P.M at Don Bosco Hall. Mangalore).

Last of the day film “Kanchilda Baale” was directed and produced by Raghunath Rai Kumbra, film was starting Charithra Hegde, Muttappa Rai and others.

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