Women’s organisation to protest against ‘Appe Teacher’ Tulu film

Women’s organization to protest against ‘Appe Teacher’ Tulu film

Tulu film ‘Appe Teacher’ in huge trouble, Women Organisation to protest against the film and demanded BAN on film for adding vulgar dialogues about Women.

In the Press Meet Chanchala Tejomaya, a leader of the Women’s Organisation (Mangaluru Taluk Mahila Mandaligala Okkoota) said that they will be staging a protest in the city on this Saturday.

Some Dialogues of ‘Appe Teacher’ film made both men and women embarrassing. By using ‘Appe (Mother)’ word film insulted mother also a teacher, its disaster that film made into 50 days” she said.

She also said “By showing Rape as comedy subject, movie encouraged sexual exploitation of women, earlier we also raised complaint with the Censor Board and the Deputy Commissioner about this film”.

“Organisation also demanded for the five years BAN on Director and the Producer of the film. Artists who are acted on that situation scene should apologise to public” she said to media.

KA Rohini, Chandrakala Nandavar, Women’s organisation leaders Suman Sharan, Shashilekha were present at the press meet.

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