‘2 Ekre’ – Music Review : short ‘n’ sweet by Kishore Kumar Shetty.

‘2 Ekre’ – Music Review Audio of upcoming comedy entertainer film ‘2 Ekre’ was launched recently. Renowned composer Kishore Kumar Shetty given a music for the film. Let’s check out more about this film’s music.


1. Jaage Rad Ekre.

Most of us know the famous dance number “Premanathe” from the film “Rang”, this is another danceable title song from “2 Ekre”. Song has funny vocal of Vinayak and catchy lyrics goes like this “Mukkal Dakkare…”, “Bucket Pattere…” Kishore Kumar Shetty’s work on composition noticeable. “Jaage Rad Ekre…” will be a perfect ‘Kudla’ Mehendi party song to dance, played next to “Premanathe”.

2. Ini Daane Kuskondundu.

Romantic duet song of “2 Ekre”, Shashiraj Kavoor penned lyric for this song, Deepak Kodical sound like K.K, Manjushree Karthikeya has beautiful voice, remember “Sugithe..” song from “My Name is Annappa” yes! same Kishore Kumar Shetty and Manjushree Karthikeya created magic again with this short romantic track, we felt song part is too less for Manjushree Karthikeya.

3. Pagel Karind.

Patho song of the film, Shashiraj Kavoor’s lyrics touches heart and Pruthvi Ambar! Are you a RJ, VJ, Actor, Dancer! How can a person have so much talent! Amazing!

4. Jaage Rad Ekre Remix by DJ Vajra.

Album released few weeks back already you can find multiple remix of the title track! This is the one of the official remix song remixed by DJ Vajra.

Overall a sweet short version of Kishore Kumar Shetty musical “2 Ekre” has good quality numbers. Our favorite  “Jaage Rad Ekre.” ! it’s time for Dance !

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