Ambar Caterers Movie Review: Rich Entertainer!

Ambar Caterers completes shooting, dubbing on process.Ambar Caterers Movie Review: Jaiprasad Bajal directorial film “Ambar Caterers” was released last Friday in twin districts around 13 centers.

Around 1.3 CR. budged Film is starring Saurabh S Bhandari and sandalwood actress Sindhu Lokanath.

Ambar Caterers” base plot is a love story, Darshan (Dacchu) falls in love with Nandini, Darshan tries to get her love attention by different way and finally Nandini accepts his love and both decided to run away from the house, will his love succeed? He can convince her arrogant father and brothers? You’ll have to watch this in big screen.

Unlike the other movies, base plot of the film begins only after the first half. Director Jaiprasad Bajal made entire first for total fun entertainment.

Even though film has ordinary plot, it’s been presented in much appreciated way, must say about the camerawork in this film which is really mind-blowing, cameraman Santhosh Rai Pataje is a man behind.

Acting wise Hero of the film Saurabh S Bhandari looks so promising with his realistic acting skill, and Sandalwood actress Sindhu Lokanath did her best in small short role.

Comedy kings of coastalwood, Naveen D Padil as Caterers owner, Bhojaraj Vamnjoor as Manager and Aravid Bolar as in cook roles give you tickles throughout. Sandalwood actors Bharathi Vishuvardhan and Sharath Lohithashva’s acting adds more glow to the film with their professional acting abilities.

There are four beautiful songs in this film which is composed by Manikath Kadri. All the songs were presented too well. Film is bit lengthy for the thin plot; director might have shortened a bit.

Overall “Ambar Caterers” is a watchable entertaining film, camerawork gives treat for your eyes, even though film has squeaky plot, film is presented in profession way. Kudos to the director Jaiprasad Bajal and the producer Kadandale Suresh S. Bhandary for making a year’s best entertainer film.

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