HIT & FLOP Tulu films of year 2019

HIT & FLOP Tulu films of year 2019

Year 2019,  Ten Tulu films were released which is less when compare to years fifteen films. As like every year only few of them are accepted by Tulu audience. Here is a details of the hit and flops of this year.

Hits of the Year.

‘Katapadi Kattappa’ to release on March, will be a first Tulu film to release in 200 theaters!Katapadi Kattappa.
Release Date : 29 March.
Direction : J P Tuminad.
Starring : Uday Poojari, Charmishma Amin.

J P Tuminad directorial film “Katapadi Kattappa” is a first film of this year to complete 100 days run, Tulu audience loved the brilliant comedy timing of the film. Aravind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor entertained audience.

Release Date : 23 August.
Direction : Rakesh Kadri and Roopesh Shetty.
Starring : Roopesh Shetty, Shilpa Shetty.

“Girgit” is super-duper hit of this year which has record of releasing in 16 countries, first film run 25 shows in USA and first Tulu film to complete 50 days in UAE. Film ran 100 days full house in seven cinema centers with a record first week collection! film completes 100 days and still running in cinemas. Film also has record first week collection.

Average films of the year.

Daye BaithediDaye Baithedi.
Release Date : 15 January.
Direction : Sooryoday Perampalli.
Starring : Seetha Kote, Chethan Rain Maani, Sawjanya Hegde.

Sakri Motion Pictures, Sooryoday Perampalli directional debut film ‘Deye Baidethi – Gejjegiri Nandanodu’ should be in the list average film because of attempt of the director, Films plot based on 500 year old story of legendary twin heroes Koti and Chennayya’s mother “Deye Baidethi” and her sacrifices.

aatidonji-Dina2_small_thumbAatidonji Dina.
Release Date : 06 December.
Direction : Late. Haris Konajekal.
Starring : Pruthvi Ambar, Nireeksha Shetty.

Film is written and directed by Harris Konajekallu’s who passed away during the final process of the film and later completed by director A S Vaibhav Prashanth. Film gets an good response initial days but not much attracted audience may be less comedy scenes.

Release Date : 19 April.
Direction : Ramanand Nayak.
Starring : Pruthvi Ambar, Shreya Anchan

Ramanand Nayak’s debut directorial film “Golmaal” received amazing opening for the grand making of the film. Film ran around 50 days, for the first time dialogue king of sandalwood Sai Kumar appeared in Tulu films. Even though film had strong star cast film not reached to the audience.

Flops of the Year.

PundiPavanu_Small_ThumbPundi Panavu.
Release Date : 2 February.
Director : Gangadar Kirodian.
Starring : Suraj Sunil, Suvarna Shetty.

Gangadhar Kirodian directional second Tulu film ‘Pundi Panavu’ not much loved by audience may be because of less publicity. Plot of the film much relevant to Tulunadu and the culture, a egotism person who fail to serve god and later learn a lesson.

Release Date : 09 August.
Direction : Rajanish Devadiga.
Starring : Rajanish Devadiga, Yashaswi Devadiga.

It’s a tough task to play dual roles as director as lead actor in the film, Rajanish should either focus only on direction or on acting. He is a talented director which we also seen in his first directional film “Kori Rotti”. “Belchappa” also well directed script! Here Rajanish should rethink why audience not accepting his films!

Kambalabettu_Small_ThumbKambala Batrena Magal.
Release Date : 22 February.
Direction : Sharath S Poojari.
Starring : Aishwarya Acharya, Shailesh Birwa.

Sharath S Poojary Baggathota debut directional film ‘Kambalabettu Bhatrena Magal’ not much ruled audience due to confusing plot a less comedy timings. Film had hyped in publicity but failed to reach audience as expected and ended running after 25 days.

JabardastShankara_Small_ThumbJabardast Shankara.
Release Date : 08 November.
Direction : Devdas Kapikad.
Starring : Arjun Kapikad

Will be surprised to see Devdas Kapikad directional script in the flop list, Yes! This may be because of the start cast or may be the wobbly plot!. We feel year’s dominating comedian Aravind Bolar’s disappearances may be cause, Devdas Kapikad’s films are known for super hit songs and this film’s song not reached audience.

Disasters of the year.

AayeYer_Small_ThumbAaye Yer
Release Date : 24 May.
Direction : K. Manjunath Shimoga.
Starring : Aravind Bolar.

Yes!  Most of you are not aware there is film named “Aaye Yer” and it’s released! This film is the only one we mark as Disaster of the year 2019 film is more a like short film, Aravind Bolar should be careful when it comes to choosing a film.

Overall it’s a sad ending of the year 2019, Apart from  “Girgit” and “Katapadi Kattappa” none of the films stood strong with Tulu audience. Upcoming makers should aware that much more homework needed before making a Tulu film. Wish to see more hit’s in upcoming years!

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