Katapadi Kattappa Movie Review: Laughter And Entertainment Unlimited.

‘Katapadi Kattappa’ to release on March, will be a first Tulu film to release in 200 theaters!

Katapadi Kattappa Movie Review: “Brahmavar Movies” banners and J P Tuminad debut directorial most awaited comedy film of the year ‘Katapadi Kattappa’ released on 29 March 2019 around 200 centers across the country. Uday Poojary, Charishma Amin played leading role, Barke Yagnesh, Vijay Kumar Kodialbail and Comedians like Arvind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamnjoor and Deepak Rai Panaje will be seen in the film.


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‘Katapadi Kattappa’ has shined the Industry with most houseful shows from the day of release. The film has been a joyous ride to the audience as it has tickled their funny bones throughout the film letting them not skip a single scene in the film.

Director J P Tuminad has a major role by gifting ‘Katapadi Kattappa’ to Tulu Industry by molding all the characters including new faces in right shape with his screenplay and dialogues.

Uday Poojary as Chethu have done an outstanding work in debut role, there is no doubt real word hero Uday Poojary of “Biruver Kudla” group dominates reel word also in future days. Charishma Salian as Chaithra lack confidence in her role, in this film you get to see skillful acting of known director Vijay Kumar Kodialbail, Yajneshwar Barke does his best too.

As usual base comedians of the film Bhojaraj Vamnjoor and Aravindh Bolar shines through the film. Bhojaraj Vamnjoor as Seena and Aravindh Bolar as Dr. Pulimunchi his two assistants will amuse you throughout. Apart from them you will be surprised to see producer of the film Rajesh Brahmavar’s dance moves!.

Dialogues by Arvind Bolar as Dr. Pulimunchi “Shake well before use” and some by Bhojaraj Vamnjoor will keep laugh on face even after watching film.

J P Tuminad has given a stress buster in the form of ‘Katapadi Kattappa’ to all the audience who have come out of the cinema with smiling curve on their face. Song of the film sounds average, should have been not there and some scenes of the film resembles Tamil movie.

Overall A fantastic laughter and unlimited entertaining film which you should not miss, in the name of  ‘Katapadi Kattappa’ we found another director J P Tuminad who can give a quality films! Tulu industry has given fantastic comedy films in recent times this movie is added to the list of the best. Kudos to the makers.

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