‘My Name is Annappa’ Movie Review – Brilliant plot and perfection!


‘My Name is Annappa’ Movie Review : Mayur R Shetty directorial debut film ‘My Name is Annappa’ released on 21st of this month, film produced under banner “Lakumi Cine Creations” and “Sri Durga Entertainment” production house by Rohan Shetty and Ravi Rai Kalasa. Film leading Manju Rai Muloor and Shubha. Let’s check out more about the film.

Plot based on revenge of Annappa and how the common man turns into a villain. A Journalist who wants to take interview of Annappa will be rejected initially; but gets a chance later on a journey. He reveals his past that has twist and turns. Why journalist wanted to interview Annappa? How he is related? How a common man Annnappa turns into a villain?  You have to check theatre near you!

Entire movie stands professional with an amazing rich screenplay and editing. In the first effort director Mayur R Shetty given his maximum to the audience. Film has a perfect story, comedy and melodious songs what else you need? A great treat for the movie lovers!

Acting wise Manju Rai Muloor in role of Annappa, Yes! You people might have seen in a smaller comedy roles, but in this film he accepted the challenge and acted as a complete skilled actor where there is a comedy, action or romance he is perfect in each and every screens. Next to come Shubha Shetty her role in the film Supritha, she stuns the young heart by her beautiful eyes and utilized best in available opportunities.

Must appreciate Shradha Salian’s acting, she has given her best performance in a comedy part of the film, Comedy Khiladi fame Hitesh and Sooraj appears in a two min comedy sequence, Comedian stars of Tulunadu Naveen D Padil, Aravind Bolar, Sathish Bandale, Umesh Mijar and other comedians will give you laughter kick in entire movie. Sandalwood comedian Rangayanna Raghu acted first time in Tulu but disappoints audience in speaking Kannada in Tulu film!

BGM and the Music also plays the major role in the film ‘My Name is Annappa’, Music director of the film Kishore Kumar Shetty also takes responsibility of the BGM which gives a  perfect feel for the entire film.

Overall a great script written by Mayur R Shetty, film has everything which suits any aged audience. Comedy, fight and romance packed film, will defiantly entertain you and your family. Great effort by young MNIA team! Must Watch!

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