Tulu film ‘Magane Mahisha’ – official trailer is out!

Veerendra Shetty directional second Tulu film ‘Magane Mahisha’s official trailer release over social media.

‘Magane Mahisha’ is a third film of Director Veerendra Shetty who earlier given super hit Tulu film ‘Chalipolilu’ and Sandalwood hit film ‘Savarna Deergha Sandhi’.

‘Veeru Talkis’ banner film starring Devdas Kapikad, Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Aravind Bolar, Jyothi Rai, Shivadwaj and others

Trailer featuring comedy sequence of Devdas Kapikad, Aravid Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Naveen D Padil and  others with visuals of Dubai city, promising on comedy as major element.

Film’s Story, Screenplay and direction and production done by Veerendra Shetty, Mahi B Reddy rolled camera for this film. Renowned director and writer Vijay Kumar Kodialbail and Veerendra Shetty penned dialogues for the film.

Renowned sandalwood Music Director Mano Murthy has given music for the film, music not much reached to Tulu audience. Songs “Chandana Siri”, “Kanana Nijana”, “Ayigiri Nandini”, “Ola Ola Mahisha” released over social media but failed to tackle Tulu audience. LVS musical  “Magane Mahisha Tulu promotional” song able to gain audience response.

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