Tulu film “Thottil” vanished in just week! “Appe Teacher” gets space.

Tulu film “Thottil” vanished in just week! “Appe Teacher” gets space.

Prajwal Kumar Attavar’s “Thottil” film was release same day along with Kishore Moodbidri’s “Appe Teacher”, “Thottil” which is supposed to give tough competition, vanished from theater in just one week!

Even though there is countable films release in year and only few films make revenue, there are few film-makers get into war and dare to release in same days. At the end results will be unhealthy always!

Even though film “Thottil” has strong union support, “Appe Teacher” won here with a huge audience support. Due to low collection of “Thottil”, center attraction theater “Jyothi”’s management decided to bring in “Appe Teacher which is doing really good in Multiplexes.

Prajwal Kumar Attavar’s “Thottil” is a least running film of recent time which has ran just one week in single theater! others are Manoranjan JV’s 2018’s film “Bale Pudar Deeka” which has ran around two weeks, year 2017’s Mohan Bhatkal’s “Chapter” same around two weeks, Sandeep Paniyur’s 2017 release “Guddeda Bhootha” around two weeks.

It’s not true that Tulu film industry has bad market! Any film showcases comedy and entertainment wins here, by looking at recent hit film makers should understand what kind of film Tulu audience likes and also should educate them with whom to invest!

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