5 Promising Tulu Cinema actors/actresses who debuted in 2016

As Tulu Industry gave 13 releases this year only few of them hit the Box Office. In 2016, we saw many debut entries in Costalwood movies. We are sure they should be working on their upcoming films for their roles were really appreciated by everyone.

Here is a list of promising actors/actresses who made a debut in 2016:

1. Chirashree Anchan as Pavithra in Pavitra – Beedida Ponnu.
Chirashree Anchan - Promising Tulu Cinema actors/actresses

Pavitra – Beedida Ponnu. Chirashree played an innocent role in the film. Her brilliant acting in Pavitra has made the producer of film Pavitra Anantarama Rao Yermal to offer her a lead in his second Tulu film O MANJUNATHA. Chirashree has few Kannada films in hand and November released Telugu movie Aame Athadaithe.


 2. Ammith Rao as Govinda and Gopala in Dombarata.
Ammith Rao - Promising Tulu Cinema actors/actresses

Ammith played played double role as Govinda and Gopala. His acting and comic timing in this film has impressed the audience.




3. Avinash Shetty as Soorya in Jai Tulunadu.
Avinash Shetty - Promising Tulu Cinema actors/actresses

The 6-ft tall actor from Mangaluru. Singham of Tulu Industry played the character of an honest and strict police officer who faces challenges from the drug mafia and politicians for trying to prevent their illegal activities. Avinash Shetty has renamed himself to Asthik Shetty specifically for her career in the showbiz. His next costalwood film Chapter shooting is in progress.


4. Prakash Shetty Dharmanagara as Sacchu in Namma Kudla
Prakash Shetty Dharmanagara - Promising Tulu Cinema actors/actresses

His role in Namma Kudla is of an innocent youngster who always works for the benefit of the community. In the meantime ignores his family and gets into dirty politics and makes his life a miserable one. The sincerity of the role is that Prakash Shetty connect his past somewhere with this film.


5. Sheetal Nayak as Shuba in Dabak Daba Aisa.

Sheetal Nayak - Promising Tulu Cinema actors/actresses

Though Sheetal had limited role in the film Dabak Daba Aisa, she has given her best when paired with Naveen D Padil. The plot of the movie shows a 40 year old man falling in love with her. Her bold moves in the song Heart Da Bus has mesmerized the audience.



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