50 Years for Tulucinema! Here are footsteps.

50 Years for Tulucinema! It’s a Golden Jubilee For Tulu Film Industry! Here are footsteps.

It’s Golden Jubilee For Tulu Film Industry!Tulu film Industry also known as Coastalwood completes 50 years today! Unlike other film Industry, Tulu film Industry limited to ‘Tulunadu’ which is coastal part of Karnataka, even though Industry has given more than 115 films in these 50 years!


These 50 Tulu Film Industry has seen many ups and downs, First ever Tulu film “Yenna Thangadi” was released today’s date on 19 Feb 1971.

Plans of Tulu feature film popular drama actor and director K N Taylor and founder of “Shri Ganesha Nataka Sabha “ on the year of 1969 when he started working on “Dareda Bodedi” due to the delay in production film was to release as second one in the list.

K N Taylor with help of other businessman decided to launch first ever Tulu film Production Company named “Shri Sharavu Pictures” on 4 September 1970.

At the same time under “Dolly Films” banner, Bangalore based director S R Rajan completed his project “Yenna Tangadi”. This first Tulu film was released at Jyothi Theater on today’s date that is 19 February 1971.

“Yenna Tangadi” was made in budget of 50,000 INR which ran around two weeks in Jyothi Theater, Mangalore. First ever Tulu film was failed to attract Tulu audience luckily State governments subsidy helped makers to get back same money which invested on the movie.

Next film K N Taylor directional “Dareda Budedi” was released few months later and given a bit of hope by running successfully eight successful weeks

40 Years Until 2011, 40 Tulu films were released, Boom in the Tulu film Industry begun on the year 2011 when Vijaykumar Kodialbail ‘s drama “Oriyardori Asal” was released as feature film, from than 2011-2021 in eleven years of span 74 films are released.

Roopesh Shetty starring “Gamjaal” is a 115th Tulu film which is releasing on the same day of “Yenna Tangadi”.

Though Tulu film Industry is boosting up in recent years, still under the ignorance of Government. Industry still waiting for the full support from the Stage Government in setting up separate film chamber of commerce for the films which made in Tulu.

Here are few milestones of released Tulu films

First produced film in Tulu is “Dareda Budedi”.

First released film in Tulu is “Yenna Tangadi”.

First actor to face camera in Tulu is Sundara Karkera for the film “Dareda Budedi” unfortunately he was not able to complete his role in this film.

First actress to face camera in Tulu is Leelavathi for the film “Dareda Budedi”.

First Tulu film to showcase five shows per day is “Dareda Budedi”.

First film to win a State award is “Bisatti Babu”.

First color film in Tulu is “Kariyani Kattandi Kandane”.

First Tulu film to do audio recording in Mangalore is “Kaasdaye Kandane”.

First Tulu film to release in multiple theaters is “Bayya Mallige”, which was released in two theaters at the same time.

First double acted film in Tulu is “Pageta Puge”, actor Anand Shekar has done dual role in the film.

First Tulu film made based on novel is “Pageta Puge”, which was based on Suryanarayana Chadagara written Kannada novel “Hennu, Honnu, Mannu”.

First Tulu film based on Tulu novel is “Dever”, which is penned by Sudhakar Bannanje of same name.

First Tulu film based on history “Koti Chennayya”.

First Cinema Scope film in Tulu is “Bangar Patler”.

Fastest ever made film in Tulu is “September 8”.

Least run movie in Tulu is “Anthapura”, which ran only 5 days in theater; second one is “Kaala” which ran for a week.

First short film in Tulu is “Baravuda Bandasaale”, which made on 2004 by Vijaykumar Kodialbail.

100th Tulu film “Karne”.

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