Actor Manju Rai confused in terms of choosing a film.

ManjuRai-SoorajShetty-MayurShettyYes, Manju Rai is confused in terms of choosing a film. Since Lakumi cine creations next project “My Name is Annappa” Manju Rai is doing a role which may clash with dates of K Sooraj Shetty’s Tulu cinema titled “English”. Manju Rai earlier showcased in K Sooraj Shetty’s Tulu cinema English’s poster.

Earlier K Sooraj Shetty openly showed his discontent about “My Name Is Annappa” for keeping him aside of the production. Sooraj also said in social media, if any actor / actress clashes his movie dates he has to find alternatives.

Speaking to Mayur R Shetty director of “My Name is Annappa” said to “We are almost ready now, once Sooraj’s film begins shooting, we will complete his (Manju Rai) portions”.

Speaking to Manju Rai said “Yes. It’s very confusing, I need to talk with them (Mayur and Sooraj) to work on my dates, I don’t want to back off both projects”.

Well we all know that K Sooraj Shetty priory announced that he is doing crowd funding film and Mayur R Shetty has announced his project a month later. Now it’s up to you how you take this news as a “Publicity Stunt” or “Hidden Truth”.

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