Ammer Polisa Movie Review: No Poly Tricks, only funny tricks.

“Ammer Polisa” finished, ready to hit screen!

Ammer Polisa Movie Review : K Sooraj Shetty directorial comedy entertainer film ‘Ammer Polisa’ released this week! Fans rushed cinemas to view third film of Sooraj, will Sooraj rule the Tulu Film Industry once again with another blockbuster? Answer may be YES! Here is our review of ‘Ammer Polisa’.

As the tagline of the film says “No Poly Tricks” which may mean there are no vulgar dialogues or scene in the film, it’s a pure family comedy concept executed masterly by director K Sooraj Shetty.

Entire films plot running on Chiranjeevi’s dead body. Who is he? Was he a police officer? Is it natural death or murder? How is this death relevant to the Title of the film? You have to check out in cinemas near you.

Director Sooraj just maintained same level and quality which were seen in his past films, using all natural humorous dialogue which you see in real life.

RJ Roopesh Shetty is the key player in this film and he has done his part perfectly with his past acting experience! Actress Pooja Shetty looks invisible in the film with limited appearances.

Aravind Bolar will entertain you with Happy’s role, Talented actor Vismaya Vinayak shines as Sharapadida Sarpe , Mime Ramdas, Mimicry Sharan, Sandeep Shetty and all running role players has done the level best in limited appearances. Movie ends with Pruthvi Ambar and Director Sooraj Shetty and Naveen D Padil’s guest appearance.

Dialogues play the huge role in this film each running role has punching comedy dialogues which will make you laugh throughout, some new comedy dialogues of the films are ‘Yenklana Ooorudu Incha Ijjapa’, ‘Dubai du Poora Incha Malpujer, Alpa poora kadpune’, “Yaan Googledu Naadoda”, “Samaaja Clean Aavodu”, “Puna Attu Yenna Poppa”.

Technical part you get to see amazing camera work from Sachin S Shetty and spot on BGM in the film. There is no fault to find in K Sooraj Shetty’s screenplay he is awesome as always!

Overall a great comedy entertainer film, a perfect laughter for this weekend you can watch with your friends and family! Don’t dig for story, it’s a typical Tulu film. Here only comedy rules.

Hat’s off to K Sooraj Shetty and his new team, each individual character has given the best in the screen and Sooraj used them in the best way which only he can!

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