Year 2016, we are celebrating its 70th Independence Day, a day to pay tribute and remember all the freedom fighters, who had contributed a lot and fought for the Independence of India. contacted Coastalwood celebrities.

Here’s what our Costalwood celebrities have to say on Independence Day when we asked them what could be one thing that they would like to change in India.

Radhika-Rao-TulucinemacomRadhika Rao

I would stop the gender discrimination and would like to change political system because currently even backward castes are rich enough, so that would be one change.

Pruthvi-Ambar-TulucinemacomPruthvi Ambar

I would change Patriotism to be our Religion and Mother India to be God for all. If attained no doubt India will be a super power soon.

Anoop-Sagar-TulucinemacomAnoop Sagar

I am really proud to be an Indian. I would like to change many things about India but since I am given one chance then it would be that strict road rules. People drive smoothly in the wrong direction and no limit for speed and many of them hesitate to follow the right rules. Don’t you want to live? Am sure you do. So simple just follow the rules and be safe create peace.

Rahul-Amin-TulucinemacomRahul Amin

I would desire our youngsters to rule our country. I would change the age limit of the politician that would be between 25 – 35. After 35 not eligible to be in parliament.

Anvitha-Sagar-TulucinemacomAnvitha Sagar

Change starts from one’s self and not from others. Speaking about India, It’s indeed incredible. And something Change about It., of course not. India is lovely the way it is. But yes there are loopholes which can be corrected so if that happens no one can beat us. Till date just have heard and seen in fictions about Ramarajya but just want to witness it once so I guess I’m waiting for that change.

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