Dolwin Kolalgiri : A Rocking Entry To Tulu Film Industry

Dolwin Kolalgiri : A Rocking Entry To Tulu Film Industry

A film’s success often depends on the popularity of musical numbers and one of the soul behind the music is the Music Director. 36 year old Dolwin Kolalgiri from Kolalgiri, Udupi the music director made a Rocking entry to Tulu Film Industry in the name of Thottil. Let’s checkout more about him and his music.

Dolwin started to learn Music when he was inspired by his mother Lilly Mendonca his first Guru who trained him in church hymns. Later on he had set a goal to achieve a music career, he made a move got himself trained in Tabla and Guitar and never looked back.

He got into church choirs as keyboard player later on got hooked into shades music world where he got an opportunity to play for the bands in orchestra in 2003. Later on he met “Ugram” fame Mr. Ravi Basrur who encouraged him into music composing section. He terms Mr. Ravi Basrur as a good friend of bad times and his digital guru whom he loves and respect him for his kind help. 2008 he started working as music arranger.

Surendra Shet (Soorie) produced album Ninaade was Dolwin’s debut album where he shared the platform with eminent artists from Sandalwood. He has dedicated his work in his mother tongue Konkani too, which includes devotional albums, secular albums and telefilm. He was nominated as 2015 best music arranger for Konkani global award for the song “Thembe  Thembe  Pavsa “.

He has arranged music and rendered voice for Kaapu Lilaladar Shetty’s drama. Further worked as an assistant music programmer for Ravi Basrur for the movie “Ugram” and arranged chorus group along with this he was an arranger and programmer for Prakash Pandeshwar’s Dabak Daba Aisa.

As Social media is now trending source that reaches the audience in a blink, Dolwin’s self-composition “Elliddira Yash” that went viral with 29 thousand views was appreciated and liked by several. After Thottil he has moved into plenty of private solo single video album in Tulu, Kannada, Hindi and Konkani which includes Bengere and Gauji two Tulu cinemas in hand.

When asked about fading of original fusion music against electronic music and about the musicians using ready samples he says “According to Tulu Cinema audience, good melody and traditional dance songs are their criteria. It all needs and mood of the songs what is necessity and budget of the songs which counts a lot. If there is a good Budget we have always one options for the live recording if not within the limited source we have to compose the music it’s my personal opinion. Common people don’t judge the music contents they just enjoy music whether it’s sampled or live the soul of the music should touch the audience”.

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