“English” Tulu Movie Review: an infinite laughing experience.

“English” Tulu Movie Review

K Sooraj Shetty’s fourth comedy entertainer “English – Enkleg Barpuji Bro” released in 33 centers around the state this this week. Pruthvi Ambar and Navya Poojari starring movie, produced by Dubai based entrepreneur Harish Sherigar and Sharmila Sherigar under ‘ACME Movies International’ banner.  Let’s check out the movie review of “English”.

Video song features Pruthvi Ambar and Navya

The first thing comes in mind when it is a K Sooraj Shetty film is movie will be comedy entertainer. Yes! It’s true; “English” is 100% comedy entertainer film like his earlier hit films like “Pilibali Yamunakka”, “Ekka Saka”.

After learning from the mistake of keeping impropriate title for “Ammer Polisa”, Sooraj kept a perfect title for this movie which is base concept of the film. Film “English”s base concept is English language!

Base plot of the film is Pruthvi Ambar from the middle class family falls in love with Navya Poojari and she rejects him giving reason the he doesn’t knows to speak English language. He joins English speaking course to impress hear but faces another trouble which leads him in search of dead soul to meet up his soul mate.

When it comes to most memorable performance of this film we can say Naveen D Padil as ‘Podi  Daamu’. His role in the film as same as Satish Bandale’s role in “Ekka Saka”. Other comedians of the film Bhojaraj Vamanjoor and Deepak Rai nevertheless make you laugh throughout the film.

Movie without a villain is not accepted, so director Sooraj Shetty’s script have two comedy villains those are Aravind Bolar and Vismaya Vinayak, being most wanted comedian of Tulu film Industry Aravind Bolar holds his grip throughout the movie. Umesh Mijar will be seen as English lecturer in the film.

Leads of the movie Pruthvi Ambar and Navya Poojari, both are superbly talented actors looking great on screen. In this film Navya played dual character role which was really challenging and she gave a best of her. Sandalwood actor Anant Nag winds up the film with a message about ‘language importance’.

Technically “English” is a rich made cinema. Screenplay, Camera work is fantastic, Melody king Manikant Kadri’s BGM was good and songs sounds average which doesn’t twig on mind.

With this film one thing is sure that K Sooraj Shetty is ‘king of comedy concept’ of Tulu film Industry. Movie surely entertain you throughout, a perfect family comedy entertainer you will be able to feel infinite laughing experience.

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