Seven Reasons you should watch “English” Tulu film.

K Sooraj Shetty directional fourth film “English – Yenkleg Barpuji Bro” releasing this Friday 26 March, Let’s checkout seven reason that you should watch this film.

Sooraj-Shetty-English-Tulucinema1. A K Sooraj Shetty film: As we all know K Sooraj Shetty is a star director of Tulu film Industry, who has given back to back hits like “Ekka Saka”, “Pilibail Yamunakka” and “Ammer Polisa”. “English” is K Sooraj Shetty’s fourth Tulu film, each film he has introduced new concept to Tulu film Industry, there is no doubt that Sooraj will create a storm in Coastalwood with this film.


Pruthvi-Ambar-in-English-Tulucinema2. Pruthvi Ambar as lead: Yes! Having a star, who gained success in sandalwood also with the super hit film “Dia” adds major interest among audience to watch this film. Actor Pruthvi Ambar has fans now nationwide; they are waiting to see him in big screen!



Anant-Nag---English-Tulucinema3. Anant Nag’s first Tulu film: There is no much introduction needed for this legend who gained fame with is brilliant acting skills from the last decade. So “English” will be a first Tulu film of Anant Nag which creates a reason for you must watch film.

4. Big Budget film: Having an expansion budget makes the director to show more richness experience to the audience, “English” is a big budget film, songs of the movie captured beautifully in different locations of Karnataka, makes a movie richer!


Sooraj-and-Harish-Sherigar---Tulucinema5. Harish Sherigar’s product: Having a producer who has interest towards movie making and production boosts up energies on cast and crew member, Harish Sherigar and his wife Sharmila Sherigar with the banner ‘ACME Movies international’ earlier produced Sandalwood films like “March 22”, “Hottegagi Genu Battegagi” and “Yaana” which was created buzz in Box Office. This is his first invested Tulu film, surely you will not able to find any ‘quality compromises’ in this film.


Kule-Kalyana---Tulucinema6. Kule Kalyana concept: Probably a most trending now in social media is “Kule” means Devil, as we all know K Sooraj Shetty is known for bringing a new concept to Tulu film Industry, “Kule Kalyana (Devil Wedding)” is a ritual performed several parts of Karnataka, it’s a wedding of dead people, nothing more serious! Keep in mind “English” is a comedy entertainer!

7. Comedian Combinations: “English” is comedy entertainer film, having comedians like Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Aravind Bolar, Vismaya Vinayak and others in the film means film will never disappoint you in the comedy and entertainment part.


In-fact there is no specific reasons needed to explain Tulu audience to say to watch Tulu Movies, they are always been supportive to Tulu languages. Do watch this film on this Friday and share your experience.

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