First ever Tulu Cinema

Enna Tangadi Tulucinema.comYes!! First ever Tulu Cinema was release on year 1971!

Film Enna Thangadi was the First ever Tulu Cinema released in the year 1971. Film was released in Jyothi Theater Mangalore on 19th February 1971. Produced and Directed by S R Rajan and financed by T A Srinivas of Chitrabharati, Mangalore.

The Hero of the First Tulu Cinema was Anand Shekhar and Hemalatha was the Heroine. Lokayya Shetty, Kavitha and Dilip were in the lead role. Shooting of this film was done in the year 1970.

Mr T.A. Srinivas invested Rs. 35000 for the first Tulu Cinema and lost Rs.20000. The film was not a box office hit it was screened for 2 weeks in Jyothi.

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