‘Girgit’ Tulu film team celebrates Aravind Bolar’s birthday

‘Girgit’ Tulu film team celebrates Aravind Bolar's birthdayRoopesh Shetty’s film ‘Girgit’ shooting going on since last ten days, in the short break Roopesh called of small cake cutting celebration for the birthday of “Tulunaada Manikya” Aravind Bolar.

Roopesh said “Since Aravindanna (Aravind Bolar) is celebrating his birthday we given him off from the shoot; we wish him a happy birthday from whole ‘Girgit’ team”.

Director of the film Rakesh Kadri, Actor Roshan Shetty, lead actress Shilpa shetty and other cast and crew members were present during the small celebration.

After the cake cutting celebration Aravind Bolar gets emotional and said “Death and Birth anniversaries are meant to be forgotten, only family members who remember birthdates and no one will remember death anniversaries. Today I am really surprised by this ‘Girigit’ team all cast and crew members are welcoming me on my birthday, god bless you all”.

“‘Girgit’ movie has come out too good, only few days of shooting is left, may be you get to see my birthday scene in the film also” says Aravind Bolar.

‘Girgit’ Tulu film team celebrates Aravind Bolar's birthday ‘Girgit’ Tulu film team celebrates Aravind Bolar's birthday

Check video here.

Birthday celebration of ARAVIND BOLAR in the sets of GIRIGIT Tulu movie❤️

Posted by Roopesh Shetty on Thursday, 3 January 2019

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