‘He charms the audience as both Govinda and Gopala’ says Ranjith Bajpe on Dombarata

Dombarata (2016) Tulucinema.com

‘Dombarata’ opened in UAE this weekend for two days (23,24th September, 2016), Rajith Bajpe director of super hit films like ‘Nirel’ and ‘Dhand’ speaks about the film ‘Dombarata’.

What’s refreshing about ‘Dombarata’ is the fact that it doesn’t fall into any of the traps like casting too many comedy actors to make a comedy movie. With a limited star cast and best performance by almost all, ‘Dombarata’ is a genuinely funny, plot-driven family comedy entertains audience.

Speaking to Tulucinema.com he said ” ‘Dombarata’ works primarily because of Ammith Rao, who fits like a glove when it comes to the lead character. He charms the audience as both Govinda and Gopala. Ammith acted well as a husband of two wives who is suffering like a football between them. Aravind Bolar is loved by all by his mannerism, who excelled in the role with his trademark acting as sufferer of wife’s over devotion towards ritual and practices. Raghu Pandeshwar, Umesh Mijar and Ranjan Boloor perform well in their small roles”.

He also said “In a negative side cinematography is not up to the mark but Sujith Nayak’s editing is crisp and gives fast phase to movie. If songs were melodious and good, it would have added more value to the movie”.

Ranjith on Ranjith (Suvarna) “Ranjith Suvarna, as a debutant keeps the screenplay in track and perfectly handled the movie. Hope this experience will help him to make much better movies in future”.

Even though ‘Dombarata’ is inspired from Kannada Movie, it is overall a good movie which can be enjoyed with family – Ranjith Bajpe.

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