Manoj Kumar made his mark as a villain in Costalwood films like Pavitra and Kudla Cafe. He played his part too well, and the audience also showered him with all the adulation and love. This actor has already impressed the fans with his impeccable acting talent.

Manoj pursued diploma in theatre from Rangayana Mysore. Being a stage artist, professional dancer and choreographer he has given numerous dance performance including mime and street plays all over Karnataka.

Puttur boy Manoj got into Costalwood with his debutant movie Kudla Cafe and Pavitra in a villain role. With his husky masculine voice in Pavitra and his unique style of dialogues in Kudla Cafe made him look more dangerous on-screen and proved himself one of the finest artist of Tulu cinema.

He was into sports during his childhood days. Later on he was fascinated by dance, he dedicated himself to dance and got trained in different dance styles. Manoj being prepared to play any roles, achieving success in cinema industry was his dream. Even after completing one year of diploma in theatre from Rangayana, Manoj had to wait for a long time.

Sandalwood Calls

Manoj got introduced to Sandalwood in the movie Ricky in a supporting role. Currently Manoj with bunch of projects in hand, he will be playing as friend of Srujan in Happy Journey Kannada movie. Kusaldarase Naveen D Padil will be seen in this movie too.

As Hero

We will be seeing Manoj as a lead in his upcoming Kannada movie ‘Seetha circle Shri Krishnan Mane’. He will be coming back to Costalwood as a lead role in Tulu cinema Rara without disappoint his Tulu audience.

Manoj to “Lately as per producer’s rule after release of a movie there won’t be consequent release of other Tulu movie for three weeks, it’s a good rule and I am so happy and it’s good news”.

Message to fans: “Audience have supported me in a Villain role .I am sure that they will love me as a hero too. Keep supporting me and Tulu Industry”.

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