Most powerful Tulu film celebrities on social media

Most powerful Tulu film celebrities on social media

There was when this, film celebrities needed to go to news media interviews to express their feelings or upcoming projects or news, even after the late night busy schedules, those days are fading off now!

Nowadays celebrities relay on Social media platform likes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to interact with fans which is considered as most powerful platform to communicate with their fan followers.

Tulu film industry is small and growing film industry when compare to other film industries. Tulu film celebrities are nevertheless many stars grown from this industry have reached Bollywood and using social media platform as interaction source.

Here is a list of most powerful Tulu film celebrities who dominates the social media platform Instagram.

9. Roopesh Shetty. (10.7K followers).

Roopesh Shetty

Renowned RJ, VJ, Coastalwood and Sandalwood actor Roopesh Shetty in the bottom list, he is been followed by 10.7K followers on Instagram, Roopesh is a second male celebrity to cross 10K mark, he also has official Facebook fan page which has 14K fans.




8. Anvitha Rao. (11.2K Followers).


Tulu film Actress known for film Ice-cream, Anvitha Rao is in eighth position. Despite having a limited on screen opportunities, Anvitha has gained 11.2K followers on Instagram.




7. Aaradya Shetty (17.9K Followers).


Bubbly looking coastalwood actress, who known for last year’s film “Arjun weds Amruta” Aaradya Shetty gets a seventh spot of top nine, within a short period of time span she gained 17.9K Instagram followers! Aaradya also have made entry to coastalwood along with Roopesh Shetty in “Nishabda 2” which was released last year, she also has bunch of signed Tulu films in hand.



6. Raashi B. (18K Followers).


Raashi B (Nishmitha B) who made debut in Arjun Kapikad starring hit film “Arrey Marler” gets sixth spot in the list. She is been followed by 18K fans!! Number may increase as her sandalwood debut “Randhawa” on way.




5. Arjun Kapikad. (18.9K Followers).


Having made late entry to social media platform Arjun gained love of 18.9K fans on Instagram, which is less when it comes to the Top actor of Tulu Industry, may be not into Instagram nowadays.




4. Swathi Bangera. (22.3K Followers).


Surprisingly actress Swathi gets a fourth position in this list, having few Tulu films in hand Swathi may get few more fans in upcoming days. She is been followed by 22.K followers.




3. Radhika Rao. (28.9K Followers).

Radhika-InstaCoastalwood actress and famous serial “Manglur Hudgi Hubli Hudga” lead Radhika Rao gets third position in the list, she gained love of 28.9K followers on Instagram, she also has fan page which has around 42K fans!




2. Sonal Monteiro. (30.1K Followers).

Sonal-InstaWe can say most favorite celebrity of the coastalwood and  only Tulu actress who reached Bollywood from coastalwood platform Sonal Monteiro gets second spot, being regular on Instagram and having bunch of film she expected to reach 50K followers soon!




1. Anvitha Sagar. (31.2K Followers).


This is big surprise here in number one spot! Anvitha Sagar who is known for her acting skills coastalwood films and as T.V anchor who has 31.k followers! Who also raced famous celebrities like Sonal Monteiro and Radhika Rao!




This is a complete list of Tulu film celebrities who has crossed 10k fan followers on Instagram as on March 2018, there are celebrities like Anoop Sagar, Pruthvi Ambar who are on edge of 5K fans.

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