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Mayur R Shetty, who penned the words for the composition of the Tulu Cinema Pilibail Yamunakka. His work in Pilibail Yamunakka is impressive; He also worked as Asst. Director in PBY. 26 Year old Mayur’s skill not only limited as a lyricist he also worked as cinematographer in ‘Seetha Nadhi’ Kannada film and ‘Ajane’ Tulu Serial, worked as Asst. Director in ‘Madamakki’ Kannada Film starring Sai Kumar, which will be releasing on August and many other short films and albums. His career was started with a Tulu album ‘Muguru Telike’ as a lyricist and cinematographer, was a hit in social media. contacted Mayur R Shetty here is detailed interview. ‘How did your journey start?’
During college days I took an interest over movie making, I started working in serials and short films latter got a chance as cinematographer and also in direction department. Ekka Saka was my first Tulu project I worked as lyricist also as Asst. Director. That film gave me a break into Tulu Cinema Industry. ‘How was the experience with composer Kishore Kumar Shetty in Pilibail Yamunakka?’
It’s always joyful to work with people with same mentality, Kishore is one among them, since he is like my brother it was very comfortable working with him. Overall a great experience working with Kishore Shetty. ‘Which is your favorite song in Ekka Saka, also upcoming film Pilibail Yamunakka?’
I wrote 5 Songs in Ekka Saka, favorite one is Daaye Bombedaata and in Pilibail Yamunakka’s ‘Maayakadonji’ was my all-time favorite. ‘Who was your inspiration?’
My Dad Mariyadka Ramesh Shetty, he was writing scripts for Drama and Yakshagana Prasanga, I learn lot from him when I was young. ‘Tel us about your upcoming projects’
As a cinematographer in Kannada movie ‘Seetha Nadhi’ and Tulu Serial ‘Ajane’ , as Asst. Director in ‘Madamakki’ Kannada Film starring Sai Kumar which will release on August 2016 and K Sooraj Shetty’s upcoming project, and few more yet to be confirmed. wishes all the best for his upcoming projects.

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