My Name is Annappa – Music Review: Album of the Year

Mayur R Shetty directorial debut film ‘My Name is Annappa’, Music of the film was released recently. Kishore Kumar Shetty composed track and director of the film Mayur R Shetty penned lyrics. Sri Durga Entertainment presents film produced by Ravi Rai Kalasa and Rohan Shetty, Let’s check out more about songs.

1. Muguru Telipude.

First song of the album is ‘Muguru Telipude’, Yakashakana Bhagavatha Palta Sathish Shetty joins Mayur and Kishore once again after earlier hit song ‘Mayakadonji..’ and creates a magic! Excellent composition by young composer of Tulu film Industry Kishore Kumar Shetty, Mayur R Shetty pens it perfectly to make a beautiful hear. Definitely goes to playlist of any category of audience.

2. Sugithe.

Second one in the list is ‘Sugithe’ a soft melodious number of the album.’Sugithe’ isn’t a song that will have you from the first listen but trust me you’ll incline towards its crazy texture after multiple hearings. Manjushree Karthikeya’s vocal perfectly suits for song, and she has done her best. Penned by Mayur R Shetty and composed by Kishore Kumar Shetty.

3. Peepi Urpi.

Next is ‘Peepi Urpi’, this song fills the energetic potion of the album and the one which make you dance throughout, Renowned Singer Vijay Prakash have taken full control over this track, Mayur Shetty’s crazy lyrics “Thundu Beedi Yaavu…Nela Moosare” defiantly a catchy! Will be a perfect wedding party song for the season.

4. Oh Saadi Deepa.

First Tulu song which is recorded in Raghu Dixit’s vocal, ‘Oh Saadi Deepa’ is a Situational song which may be breakup-sad song of the album. Mayur R Shetty penned song will break your heart apart, the words are simple yet outstanding. Somewhere you feel length of the song is bit draggy, may be get bored after a minute of hear.

5. The Kurthel Song.

‘The Kurthel Song’ our personal favourite from the album! A dance number. Must appreciate singer Prakash Mahadevan here for remoulding vocal, he is simply superb! Funny lyrics of Mayur R Shetty and Punchy composition of Kishore Kumar Shetty will definitely catch your mood!

6. Mangalyam.

‘Mangalyam’ is first released song of ‘My Name is Annappa’ album, Real life couple Prakash and Roopa combination worked so well in this composition, Mayur R.Shetty penned beautifully words. Kishore Kumar Shetty composition is outstanding!

7. Nanda Kishora.

Yakshagana Bhagavatha Ravichandra Kanadikatte into movie album! Such a beautiful vocal especially when he says ‘Nalipuvanaaa…’ you will definitely fall for it! Mayur R Shetty penned lyrics dedicated to God Sree Krishna.

8. Sugithe Unplugged.

Unplugged version ‘Sugithe’, renowned actress Sonal Monterio’s given her vocal for this version, Sonal had earlier crooned for unplugged version for ‘Pilibail Yamunakka’ which went viral late after film’s release. Kudos to Mayur and Kishore for recreating once again!

9. Kananeera Kadal.

Dinesh Ammannaya another Yakshagana bhagavatha present beautiful number! ‘Kananeera Kadal’ is Yakshagana bit song, Mayur R Shetty’s pen work will bring tears to the eyes.

10. The Spirit of Villan.

Yakshagana Bhagavatha Patla Sathish Shetty crooned this bit track, may be an introduction song of the film, Kishore‘s Composition and Mayur’s lyric linger your soul!

Album ‘My Name is Annappa’ packed with ten beautiful songs, almost all songs are good to hear. Much appreciate here the effort of Mayur R Shety and Kishore Kumar Shetty the same team who earlier made ‘Pilibail Yamunakka’ album. This album meet all aged audience, our pick is ‘The Kurthel Song’, ‘Muguru Telipude’ and Nanda Kishora.

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