Tthudarr Tulu Movie Review: Amazing Surprise!!

Elton Mascarenhas and Tejas Poojari directed the film ‘Tthudarr’, which surprised Tulu audiences with its twisty storyline.

Yes. We are talking about the storyline in the Tulu film industry! Probably after the Tulu film ‘Yesa’, ‘Tthudarr’ film has a strong storyline, which is a major fact that this movie is loved by the audience!

Especially hats off to Mohan Raj Suvarna for penning the beautiful script that touches the heart! and remain forever in the minds of the audience.

Film plot is narrated on the family that has suffered from past sin. Will it recover or will it cause more damage to the family? you get to see in the theater near you.

The film gave the industry multiple fresh faces; Siddarth H Shetty and Deeksha Bhise did their best in lead roles; they never felt it’s their first film! Prajwal Shetty’s shown his acting skills in his first appearance.

The second half screens are fully dominated by Anvita Sagar, with her brilliant on-screen performance as “Malli.” It’s up to Mark! Not to forget Roopa Vorkady! such a brilliant actor she is. Vikas Puthran shines in a negative role.

Technically, this is a well-made film; the film looks so rich! I greatly appreciate the man behind Chanthu Meppayur as a cinematographer. Ganesh Nirchal has done the editing cuts for the film.

Patson Pereria composed the Music for the film; the mass song on Ganesha might catch audience attention; other songs match well with the sequence of the film.

Now comedy! The film lacks catchy or punchy dialogue in the comedy aspect; this can be ignored since the film is well made! The team should have cut back on some unnecessary comedy acts and vulgar-sense comedy, which weren’t required for the film.

Aravind Bolar, Sadashiva Amin, Namita Kulur, Elton Mascarenhas, Vikas Puthran, Umesh Mijar, Ashok Kumar, Udaya Poojary, and Mohan Raj.

Overall, this film is amazing surprise for Tulu audience. This film is a perfect example of how a good storyline can stand out in the Tulu industry. I hope this film changes the pattern of upcoming Tulu films that run only on comedy! I really appreciate the Tulu audience who accepted this film and made it a huge hit!

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