Pammanne the Great – Music Review

Audio of the upcoming Tulu film “Pammanne the Great” was launched recently, Music of the film is composed by S P Chandrakanth, who had given a musical hit last year in the film ‘Rang Rangda Dibbana’.

Short album has four songs, lets checkout how is Pammanne the Great album.

1. Meen Bode Meen.

First track of the album is “Meen Bode Meen”, lyrics start with the local fisherwomen selling slangs and later takes modern shape. Lyric of this song is penned by Khavi Krishnadas. Song boosts up when Hemanth joins in singing part, female part was crooned by Kushaal Kushi.

2. Mokedha Singaari.

“Mokedha Singaari” is a second reworked version of 72’s film ‘Pagetha Puge’s song of the same name, previous one was in Tulu film ‘Nirel’. When compare to Nirel’s version, this version sounds more refreshing. There were rumors about this song was supposed to be recorded in Rajesh Krishnan voice, but later sang by Chethan Naik. Chethan’s dynamic voice well suits, if this song features actor of the film Pruthvi Ambar since both sounds similar! Seetharam Kulal has penned the changed lyrics of second portion of the song.

3. Pammanne Pammanne.

Mostly a title track, which describes the person “Pammanne”, this is a most beautiful track of the album, since Anuradha Bhat crooned it! Any song any module she is a perfect on playback singing. Music Director S P Chandrakanth also joins her and follows Male parts; Suresh R N penned the meaningful lyrics.

4. Pammanne Pammanne (M)

Final track “Pammanne.. Pammanne” is a male sad version of the third track of the same name, S P Chandrakanth has crooned the entire song, Suresh R N penned the lyrics.

Overall “Pammanne the Great” is a sweet package there are emotions, fun, romance in the songs of the album. All credits to the S P Chandrakanth, He is an experienced master in composition. All four songs have made in different tastes, our picks are “Mokeda Singari” and second one is “Title Song”.

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