Top Tulu Songs of Year 2017

Top Tulu Songs of Year 2017.Top Tulu Songs of Year 2017 : In year 2017 ten Tulu films were released and more than 50 songs were composed in the small Tulu Film Industry. Sad part is only few songs were available to the listeners, rest all had fallen under the policy “We Make We Hear”!

Anyways a biggest music album of the year is “Pattanaje” which has eight songs. Followed by “Arjun Weds Amruta” and “Rang Rangda Dibbana” with seven songs.

Here is the list of Top Tulu Songs of Year 2017, based on number of YouTube Views as on Today.

5. Fifth one in the list is “Kalekulle Kalettu” from “Yesa“, an unofficial upload of a random user which was uploaded months before and able to make 108,562 views. Song was composed by Gururaj MB and Guru Bayar and crooned by actor Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, lyrics penned by Shashiraj Rao Kavoor.

4. Forth best is “Nirelad Poye” from the film “Chapter” with 109,904 views, even though film faded within a week from Cinemas, songs blew into the minds of audience. This song is composed by Surendranath B. R, penned by Loku Kudla who is known for romantic lyrics. Surendranath promoted himself as singer with co-singer Swetha Prabhu which came out nicely.

3. Third one in the list is “Karpurada Bombe” from the film “Arrey Marler”, this video has 128,725 views. This song is a most beautiful when it comes to lyrics, Kapikad’s magic over lyrics worked well and crooned by his son Arjun Kapikad and composed by Devdas Kapikad.

2. Second in this list is “Kudlada Chameli” with 129,518 views, This Song of “Arrey Marler” doesn’t have much addictive quality, but made it to the list because of Actor Arjun Kapikad, who was disguised as female in this video. Supriya Lohith crooned this item song composed by Devdas Kapikad.

1. Top one is biggest surprise! It’s “Thota Nilike” from “Yesa”, having a 154,497 views this song gets a first place. Song has shown excellent nature which was shot at Bidar fort and with a beauty of actress Radhika Rao and the excellent music composition; song gets a highest view of this year. This is a most viewed Tulu song composed by Gururaj MB and Guru Bayar and penned by expert Shashiraj Rao Kavoor.

Apart from these five some other songs also approaching into 100 thousand mark which is “Bakyaru Kandodu” from the film “Pattanaje” around 90k views and “Linguna Pullina” of “Ambar Caterers” with around 60k YouTube views.

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Top Tulu Songs of Year 2017.