UAE Audience Are Not Happy With Film ‘Dombarata’

Ranjith Suvarna directorial ‘Dombarata’ opened in UAE for two days (23,24th September 2016). Looks like Tulu Cinema fans of UAE not so happy with ‘Dombarata’. For the first time we are posting reviews straight from the audience. Let’s check out what they say.

Raveendra Devadiga, Sharjah – “‘Dombarata’ is concerned little disappointed with story since it is remake. We wish original stories for Tulu. We have lots of talents here and there every corner of Tulunadu. Please explore them to get good stories. Also there are ample talents with pure accent of Tulu speaking, give chance to all such talents. In some parts of the film, the voice and body languages are not going together. Screen play was dim (terms of light). All the actors’ acting was good. Aravind Bolar gets full marks on his acting”.
“One more thing, Tulu movies are trending nowadays, but don’t do fake films and take profits, if so there may be chances people lose interest on Tulu Movie”.

Kiran Shetty, Dubai – “I have watched the movie it was average; I guess Tulu Industry found a Hero in the name of Ammith”.

Deepak, Dubai – “Technical work of the film is superb, acting also nice, but sad thing is it’s a remake of 15 year back Kannada movie, even comedy also same copy and paste”.

Vikram Panambur, Dubai – “Movie started off slow though but picked up n kept us occupied right through the end, definitely in the list of good Tulu movies. All roles justified their purpose…be it acting, music or screenplay. Overall a good family entertainer film congratulations to team”.

Sapna S, Dubai – “Tulu people made a comedian starts like Devadas Kapikad, Naveen D Padil for their unique comedy skills, its totally unnecessary to remake an make a comedy film out of it! disappointed”.


Dombarata Movie Review

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