Arjun Weds Amruta Music Review: A Delightful Album

Arjun Weds Amruta Music Review: A Delightful AlbumArjun Weds Amruta Music Review: Raghu Shetty directorial film Arjun Weds Amruta’s audio launched recently, AWA is a first female composed album in Tulu Language. Music of Arjun Weds Amruta composed by Suma L.N Shaastry, Rajesh Shetty, Damodhar Dondole and Loku Kudla written lyrics.

1. Kannade Minduna.

A perfectly soothing number to hear when you are in the mood to hear love bit, Rajesh Shetty’s lyric, singer Rajesh Krishnan’s vocal and Suma LN Shaastry’s music is so melodious that you will feel in love even though you are not.

2. Ee Bangarada.

Rajesh Krishnan and composer Suma L.N Shaastry have come together for the third track of the album. The song is so dreamy that it catches your attention as soon as it begins. The lyrics by Rajesh Shetty will make you relate to the song if you are love singer.

3. Mokeda Ponnu. 

Though the tunes reminds the super hit Marati film Sairat’s song, this song has holds unique sweetness that makes it extremely melodious to hear. Most noticeable is Supriya Lohith’s sweet voice, which adds more flavor to the track, Singer Hemanth Kumar also does his best as expected. This song is likely to make it to your playlist.

4. Dennana.

“Dennana” is a most catchy word when it comes to Tulu song, but in this song it doesn’t meet that catch factor. Sharp beats and simple lyrics of the song will have less attraction power, sung by L.N Shaastry and Suma L.N Shaastry for the lyrics of Damodhar Dondole.

5. Marapuna Vara Koru.

A slow, smooth number with stronger lyrics penned by Rajesh Shetty and Sung by L.N Shastry.

6. Ee Moke Dinjina Lesu.

Mass song which has lyrics of Loku Kudla, Thought Loku Kudla pens better if it’s romantic! Suma L.N Shaastry joins Hemanth Kumar on vocals. Even though song has kicking beats, doesn’t leave much of an impression even after a repetitive hearing.

7. Ponnana Kannada.

Final track is a female version of the first track “Kannade Minduna” which lyrically changed. It’s been sung melodiously by Suma L.N Shaastry for the lyrics of Rajesh Shetty.

Arjun Weds Amruta Music Review:  Our Final Verdict: AWA is a Delightful Album which has all verity in compositions, among the seven our favorite is “Mokeda Ponnu” and second one is “Ee Bangarada”. We must appreciate lyricist Rajesh Shetty’s role here, also a Suma L.N Shaastry’s composition.

Still not heard Arjun Weds Amruta checkout all songs.

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