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You have to wait few more months for Tulu film “Arrey Marler” to release.Arrey Marler Movie Review: Tulu film Arrey Marler released this Friday in twin districts; film starring Arjun Kapikad, Nishmitha B. Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Aravind Bolar, Arjun Kaje, Saikrishna and others seen in the film. Let’s check-out more about the film Arrey Marler.

Like a funny title, film is also funny and you can go high on laugh! Plot of the film is that the Hero Arjun Kapikad falls in a love with a girl who does prank on him as a part of her project. Later he with his jobless friends who are more elder then him try to help hero to find his love, Will she accept him or reject? You have to watch this in theater near to you.

Being frank there is nothing great in plot in this typical Kapaikad genre film.  Arjun Kapikad starts off as same role of Chandikori in a first part and fights back in the second, and film ends with the same location where usually Kapikad film ends.

Nishmitha B look like a cute doll in the film; with a decent look R J Anurag has done his best. We can say new villain has been introduced to Tulu Film industry in the name of Arjun Kaje, one of the best performers of the film.

When it comes to comedian Saikrishna will take you into Laughter Ocean with his Yoga swami look. Aravind Bolar is too fantastic! Bhojaraj Vamanjoor and Sathish bandale does his best as expected.

Bale Telipale fame Prasanna Shetty has given a short role and he is done his best and Sandeep Shetty’s role was unnecessary.

Final words, if you go by plot film looks average, but film has the entire element which Tulu audience like. Arrey Marler will defiantly entertain you and family by a brilliant comedy timing and acting skill, do watch and share your opinion.

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