Arrey Marler Music Review: Sing-Dance-Repeat

You have to wait few more months for Tulu film “Arrey Marler” to release.Arrey Marler Music Review: Bolli Movies banner third film Arrey Marler’s audio released recently in Mangalore, Devdas Kapikad has written and composed music for the film.

Film’s music has made huge expectations due to earlier hits like Chandikori and Barsa. Let’s check out more about the Music.

1.  Karpurada Bombe.

Song is like an extended version of “Mattuda Ponne” of Chandi Kori and “Monede Nina” of Barsa from the same banner. Even though Devdas Kapikad’s lyric touches young heart, song is missing the freshness. Track may give thrills to Arjun Kapikad fans because of his vocal.

2. Manase Manase.

A slow, smooth number crooned by Nakul Abhyankar, this song makes up for good hear those who in love line.

3. Kudlada Chameli.

As all know Tulu audience take less interest in Item Songs unlike other film industry, but this is quite good when compared to other item number, Devdas Kapikad’s lyrics amaze you, Supriya Lohith crooned song make into your playlist by repeat hear.

4. Love Rap.

Looks like Devdas Kapikad is trying hard to get youth’s attention. As per RAP song theory all songs sounds similar with tempo rate, even this song sounds bit similar to “Aval Venda” of Premam. Arjun Kaje wrapped English nodes of the track.

“Telikeda Bolli” Devdas Kapikad film’s music means a high expectation, a team which given a massive musical hit in the name of “Chandikori”, to be frank this album stands far behind. The “Love Rap” song is the only our favorites because it’s something new!

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