Can he bring the change? Satirical Film “Yaan Kanape Change” out!

Tulu Satirical Film “Yaan Kanape Change” is out over social media platform, can director Kadri Rakesh bring the changes in Tulucinema? That’s a pleasant surprise!

Can he bring the change? Satirical Film “Yaan Kanape Change” out!Kadri Rakesh popularly known for super hit film “Girgit”, after his involvement in direction for the film “Girgit”, made him to present challenging concept to Tulu audience.

Rakesh also worked as assistant director in Sandalwood’s popular film “Kirik Party”, associate in “Pattis Gang” and Kannada film “Rahu Kala Guliga Kaala”, “2 Ekre” in this also penned screenplay along with Vismaya Vinayak a director of the film and creative director in Gulab Jamun and Gadbad Tulu web series.

47 Minutes satirical film mind blow the audience with the creative concept and also revealed struggles of the Director and Actor and producers of Tulu cinema. Movie begins with the Kadri Rakesh trying to convince Producer in the role Preetam MN, that he will bring the changes in Tulucinema genre by bringing a new connect and producer disagrees! Will he be able to stick to his own new concept for his new film? Or he brings changes in script to adjust with the audience? You got to see this!

Rich made short movie featured on Rakesh Kadri, Karthik Attavar, Roopesh Shetty, Vineeth Kumar, Chaitra Shetty, Anoop Sagar, Prajwal Pandeshwar, Vismaya Vinayak, Aravind Bolar, Sooraj Shetty, Suraj Bolar, Preetam MN, Arpith Indravadhan, Abhijeet Manibettu, Harsha Rai, Charan Raj and Prajwal Shetty.

Joel Shaman D’Souza has done DOP for the movie, Srajan Kumar Tonse has composed the music, BGM also rendered his voice for the song for the lyrics of Arpith Indravadhan. Kadri Rakesh has written plot and done direction and Nithin Shetty has done editing.

Rakesh have already given 3 short film written & Directed – Psyche, Antharya & Market on YouTube. Looking forward more creative contents from the young talent, who need to be ‘Anurag Kashyap’ of Tulu film Industry!

Still not watched ? Checkout full film here.

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