‘Rockstar’ rocked in rocking second trailer of “Gamjaal”!

‘Rockstar’ Roopesh Shetty rocked with the stunning look and punchy dialogue in the second trailer of “Gamjaal” which was revealed over social media platform.

Trailer reveals the lead actress of the film Karishma Amin and opens up bit more layers of the plot. Roopesh Shetty appoints detectives to find his missing car; those detectives are Aravind Bolar and Bhojaraj Vamanjoor. Once these two appear over the screen the funny part begin on the trailer.

Most part of the trailer focused on ‘Rockstar  Roopesh Shetty’, he rocked with his appearance and punchy dialogue. “Slab da Illardu la.. Oodu da illa ne Sampu (roof tiled house is cooler than concert house)”, when Karishma says insults about Middle class. After the trailer release this dialogue flooding viral over social media and troll pages.

First anthology film in Tulu “Gamjaal” is all set to release next week which is on 19 February 2021, a first film to release after the long break of pandemic.

Prasanna Shetty penned dialogues for the film and Roopesh himself written story and screenplay for the film. Suman Shetty and Naveen Shetty have done direction for the film, Joel-Darrel composed the Music for the film.

“Gamjaal” is produced by Shoolin Films & Mugrody Productions under the banner R S Cinemas. Aravind Bolar, Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Sandeep Shetty, Prasanna Shetty and other coastalwood’s comedians will be part of the film.

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