‘Dombarata’ released today

Dombarata (2016) Tulucinema.com

Most awaiting Ranjith Suvarna’s film Dombarata’s released today around 100 cinemas all over State. 60 lakh budget film Dombarata is produced by Rajesh Brahmavar under the banner of Brahmavar Movies.

“After years of struggle I am standing here as an independent director. I thank and all the director and producers of the industry who gave me this opportunity, my work ‘Dombarata’ will be releasing, request all you come and watch this family entertaining film” says Ranjith Suvarna.

Ammit Rao, Bhavya, Pooja Shetty, Neema are in the lead roles. For the first time in the history of Tulu cinemas the lead will been seen in a double role. The film also starred Aravind Bolar, Umesh Mijar, Ranjan Boloor, Raghu Pandeshwar, Prashanth C K , Ranjitha Shet ,Pratima Nayak, Dayanand Rai, Chethak Poojari, Dipak Rai Pathaje and others.

Tulucinema.com wishes team Dombarata all the best.


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