First Tulu Color Cinema, also first big budget cinema of Tulu Film Industry

First Tulu Color Cinema released in the year 1978! This is also a big budget cinema of that time. “Karimani Kattandi Kandani” holds these two records. Aaroor Pattabhi Directorial film was made in the budget of 11 lakh which was highest of that time. Film is produced by Pattabhi Brothers Aaroor Bhima Rao, Aaroor Lakshminarayana Rao and Aaroor Pattabhi under banner of Aaroor Films.

Cast list includes Balakrishna Kadri, Ramana Rai, Sathyabhama, Nayana and others. Singers Puttur Narasimha Nayak, S Janaki and others given voice for Sarojini Pattabhi’s music composition. Film was released in Prabhath Theater, Mangalore, which ran for almost 80 days!


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