K Sooraj Shetty to make “English” with crowd funding.

K Sooraj Shetty English Tulu Film

Filmmaker K Sooraj Shetty to make his upcoming Tulu Cinema “English” with crowd funding. K Sooraj Shetty is presently a most successful director of Tulu Cinema Industry by giving hit films like “Ekka Saka” and “Pilibail Yamunakka”.  English is a first Tulu film to be crowd funded by the people.

What is crowd funding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Means you can invest money and may get return with profit if film makes good in screens. Earlier Sandalwood filmmaker Pawan Kumar has made a crowd-funding film “Lucia”. 

Bollywood and Crowd-funding

Shyam Benegal directorial 70’s film Manthan (1976) which took crowdfunding in India to a totally different level and showed the power of “collective might”. Manthan was entirely crowdfunded by 500.000 farmers who donated Rs. 2 each , film also went on to win the National Film Awards in multiple categories in 1977.

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