Movie Makers Geared-Up for the Mangalore Dasara Festival Promotions

On the occasion of Dasara, Mangalore city will witness thousands of tourists and devotees. As tiger dance, lion dance and bear dance are the main attraction of this festival, makers of Tulu Cinema has geared up for the promotion of their films during the auspicious festival. So the film makers will draw attention to the citizens of Mangalore and thousands of devotees from various parts will be joining together in the city to witness the grand finale of the Mangalore Dasara on the day of Vijayadashami.


Rohan Shetty producer of Tulu film Industry “we are planning for a tableau which promotes our film ‘Pilibail Yamunakka’”. He also said we will be showcasing the official music video of PBY on LED screen.


Rajesh Kudla Production manager of Arjun Kapikad staring Barsa.”Sachin A S is in-charge of promotional team of Barsa. Myself, Devdas Kapikad, Arjun Kapikad , Sachin A S, P L Ravi, Manikant Kadri, Sujith Nayak are part of the team. Since our film is releasing two days after grand Dasara procession, we will be promoting film in the tableau”. “Also as a part of promotion we are planning to hire a display vehicle which will be moving around different cities showcasing ‘Barsa’” he says.


Raghu Shetty will be promoting his own directorial film Arjun weds Amruta with a flex poster displayed around the city. He says “Our film’s all cast n crews are finalized, we will be starting shooting as per scheduled date”.



So this is year’s Dasara procession will be traditional salad with coastalwood touch, sure will be treat to your eyes get ready to witness on 11th October 2016.

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      October 10, 2016

      pilibail yamunakka, egarly waiting <3


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