Nation wants to know : Who is Item girl Kudla’da Chameli in Tulu Film Arrey Marler!

New Item Girl in Arrey Marler?

Kudla-ChameliBolli Movies banner Arrey Marler Official Trailer has released today, best part of the trailer is the Item number which is added in the fourth part, when item song named “Kudlada Chameli” plays you all will be definitely curious to know about who is this new item dancer Chameli!

Well somewhere its looks like Bhojaraj Vamanjoor? No! you have seen in female roles in many films. Will it be Aravind Bolar! Oh he isn’t that sexy bro! Well if you have seen the trailer closely you can guess! Still not! yes its non-other than Arjun Kapikad! Yah! Won’t be shocked! its Him!

If you want to watch full performance you have to wait till August 11th for the film release, because makers will never release that item Chamel in social media soon, reason is she/he’s is HOT!

Song is written and composed by Devdas Kapikad and mastered by Manikat Kadri. Have a look at the trailer!

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