Naveen D Padil, Director and Actor Rajanish steps as tiger for “Kori Rotti” Tulu film.

That was a great scene, director and lead actor Rajanish shot Tiger dance sequence with Kusaldarase Naveen D Padil for the upcoming Tulu film Kori Rotti.

Udupi’s Krishna Janmashtami scenes were recreated for the film here in Udupi, many other traditional dance forms like “Bedara Vesha” and others shooting were held.

Watch video of Naveen D Padil dancing for Pili/Tiger Dance:

Kori Rotti Rajanish’s debut Tulu film, he is also taking care of direction part. Film is produced under Rocket creations, Sandalwood Actor and host Anushree pairing Rajanish in the film, comedy actors Naveen D Padil, Aravind Bolar, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Sathish Bandale, Manju Rai, Harish Rai, Ramesh Rai Kukkuvalli and other will be seen in different role.

Kori-Rotti-Tulu-Film--Tulucinema(2) Kori-Rotti-Tulu-Film--Tulucinema(2)

Kori-Rotti-Tulu-Film--Tulucinema(2) Kori-Rotti-Tulu-Film--Tulucinema(2)

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