October – A Month of unplanned Tulu Films?


Yes! We can call this month as “Unplanned Month” of Tulu Cinema. Month of October is been said earlier as entertaining month for Tulu Cinema audience, since several films were officially announced their release dates. But due to unknown reasons release of these films are kept on hold by film makers.

October considered as festivals month with numerous holidays. Mangalore’s biggest festival Dasara is being celebrated in this month and localities staying in other parts of India and Abroad visits Mangalore on this occasion. Makers of these films missed a chance to grab more audience due to confusion of dates.

Panoda Bodcha

Makers of Panoda Bodcha announced the release date as 30th September 2016 on the posters. When the release date approached same poster has been tweaked as “soon into cinemas” and reason being kept as confidential.

Pilibail Yamunakka

Pilibail Yamunakka was considered as a well-planned project. Earlier PBY announced release date as October 7, 2016, but backed out just one week before the release. Again the reason behind the delay of the release has been kept confidential.

Bolli Movie’s ‘Barsa’ will not disappoint you:

To not to disappoint Tulu Cinema lovers, Devadas Kapikad directorial, King of Action Arjun Kapikad starring Tulu Cinema titled ‘Barsa’ releasing as per scheduled date October 13, 2016.

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