Raahul Vasista – Young Buds journey towards light,camera & Action

Raahul Vasista – Young Buds journey towards light,camera & Action

Young buds journey towards movie directionRaahul Vasishta, born 19th February 1999 in Mangalore Karnataka, is a video editor specializing in compositions for movies and other multimedia. He is the son of Mr. Shiva Prasad and Surya Kala and completed his graduation with a bachelor’s in Business Management from SDM College Mangalore while currently pursuing a master’s degree in Business Management.

His work on various music and film videos nourished a talent for film editing, leading to his debut as a video editor in the popular Tulu movie ‘Golmal’. The movie served as a proving ground for Raahul and his prodigious talent in video editing, later manifesting in such praiseworthy movies as  ‘2 Ekre’, ‘Girgit’, ‘Gamjaal’ & ‘Kudukana Madime’. He also tried his hands as the music director in the latter. All of these movies were well received by Mangaloreans and audiences elsewhere while shining a bright spotlight on Raahul’s talents.

Raahul’s next cinematic aim is to direct a movie, while further honing his musical skills. He prefers playing the ‘tabla’ while being well versed with several other instruments. Raahul also has story writing aspirations, having taken a keen interest in this vocation early in life and now sensing a natural addendum to his aims in the movie industry. Already Raahul is carving a niche for himself in the Kannada movie scene, having online edited video for ’Badava Rascal’-Starring Dhananjay, ‘Maaricha’ and edited ‘Nimmellara Ashirvada’. Currently, he is working on the Kannada film ‘Kshamisi Nimma Khateyalli Hanavilla’ –staring Digant & Airdrita Ray, with three Kannada movies and two Tulu movies lined up for his editing touch.

Forever a humble practitioner of his craft, Raahul notes “My vision is to become a famous director. Small steps will definitely take me there. Dream high, however, hard work is definitely the fuel to fulfill those dreams”.

Here is wishing Mr.Raahul Vasista the very best for all his future endeavors in editing, music, and movie direction.


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